Are you missing the point of Jesus’ life?

Man sitting desperately under the cross

Jesus didn’t die to change people’s sexuality. 
He died to change their standing before God.

Jesus didn’t come to stop abortion. 
He gave His life to bring eternal life to sinful people.

Jesus didn’t give His life away for the right to bear arms. 
He died to set humanity free from sin.

Jesus didn’t walk among us to take away mental illness. 
He became a man to redeem the world’s sinful nature.

Jesus didn’t come to talk about science or how we got here. 
He came to talk about our need for redemption and to bring us Home.

Jesus didn’t arrive to herald a political revolution. 
His concern was delivering us from the rebellion of our hearts.

Jesus didn’t come to tell us about healthy eating and natural medicine. 
He came to heal us from our brokenness.

Jesus didn’t come to give us more faith. 
He came because our faith is small.

Jesus didn’t come to show us how to “get right with God.” 
He came to make us right with God.

Jesus didn’t die to give you prosperity. 
Jesus died on a Roman cross because you couldn’t pay your debt.

Jesus came, walked among us and died to rescue humanity from sin. 
When we don’t realize this, we make the same mistake as those who missed Jesus 2,000 years ago.

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