About Overwhelming Light

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.

-Isaiah 9:2


Jesus is called “The Light” in several parts of scripture. In fact, he refers to himself as light and his followers as light. Perhaps the reason is that light is so familiar and significant in our lives that we can’t miss the significance of the metaphor.

Without light there is only darkness. But if even a small light — just a glimmer — appears, the darkness fades and cannot overcome the light. Light pierces darkness. Light spreads. Light illuminates and clarifies. Light brings life.

Light in the darkness is overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if the light is as bright as the sun or as small as a single flame, light showing up unexpectedly in darkness overwhelms the darkness and those who are in darkness.

Jesus tells us light has come into the world but people loved darkness. A quick survey of human behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic is certain to show you that we as people are lovers of darkness rather than light. Still, Jesus came to bring light to a world covered in and in love with darkness.

The purpose of this website is to point to and reflect the overwhelming light that is Jesus. To remind a world that loves darkness who the light is, what the light did, and what the light stands for.

If you look at some of the things those claiming to follow Christ say on social media, it is obvious that many in the modern church are missing Jesus. They claim his name and claim to know him, but their words sow darkness rather than light. That isn’t Jesus.

May the words, teachings and actions of Jesus shine an overwhelming light on this world that loves darkness.

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