Truths about God for when the world around you scares you

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If you’re one of those people who is feeling discouraged by the world around you, this post is just a reminder that God is bigger than the box many Christians tend to put him in.

Maybe you are seeing things on the news that trouble your heart or that make you fear for the future or for future generations. Maybe you look around you and the world just doesn’t look like it used to and that causes you some fear or anxiety.

Always remember that God is in control and God is not shocked by what he sees.

All too often, we try to create God in our image when we are the ones created in God’s image. God is bigger than whatever our perceptions of Him are. God loves everyone, God knows every thing that is happening or is going to happen and God understands every person and every thing. He is a big God who doesn’t need defending, doesn’t require you to fight for Him and doesn’t need you to judge others on His behalf.

If you’ve become anxious because of things you’ve heard on the news or in Christian culture, watch this video below to remind you of just who God is and what it means to follow Him.

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