Is Jesus really in your actions?

Hands High, Heart abandoned

You say Jesus lives inside of you. Does he? I mean, where it really counts? Let’s take an inventory.

Is Jesus in your racism?
Is He there in your homophobia?
Is He the one throwing stones at people who have made mistakes in their lives?
Is it Jesus who is causing your self-righteousness and arrogance?
Is the one who said “Blessed are the Peacemakers” the same one who fills you with anger?
Is it Jesus calling you to boycott movies and demonize Hollywood?
Is the man who taught you to “turn the other cheek” motivating your love of guns?
Is it really Christ in you that determines how you vote?
Does the Jesus in you tell you not to help the poor and the hungry? Does he really say it is their fault and that they should “pull themselves up by the bootstraps?”
Is it Jesus who allows you to be greedy and store up as much treasure as you can on this earth?
Is this Jesus inside of you telling you not to recycle and be a good steward of the land and air?
Is the man who said “love your enemies” the reason you can’t stand anyone with a differing political view?

Are you representing the God who lives inside you, or have you trapped him and kept Him from getting out?

Do we expect anyone to believe that Jesus lives in us? Are we kidding ourselves?

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