A Message from A Friend

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My child,

I have seen you struggling and I know the hardships of your life. I know all that you have been feeling, even the things you wouldn’t dare tell others. I can see beyond the mask you wear. I know the real you, the one behind the mask. The one that’s dying to come out, but reluctant to show its face. I understand your situation better than anybody else and I am willing to help you, if you will only let me.

I know that in the past, others have let you down. I have watched it happen and know how it has affected you. I too, have been let down, so I know exactly how you feel. But I promise that no matter what, I will never let you down. Because I love you, because I care about you, I would never do anything to hurt you. Though you may sometimes hurt me and let me down, I will never do the same to you. My love is greater and goes deeper than any human love. It goes beyond the heart, into the soul, and remains there for eternity.

I realize this may sound hard for you to believe. After all, nobody else has ever cared about you in this way. You probably don’t think anyone is capable of that kind of affection, but I am. If my words do not convince you, my actions surely will.

I could easily have been a king with tons of servants. Instead, I made myself a servant. Even today I am still here to serve. I serve you because I love you. I was the most caring and compassionate person, but instead of being treated the way I treated others, I became the most hated among men. I always cared about everyone and I loved all people, even those who hated me. I was constantly concerned for the well-being of others. Despite this, I was mocked, criticized, and had my dignity stripped from me everywhere I went. Even in my hometown the people I grew up with, who should have understood me, did not and mistreated me. I could have given it all up at any time, but I endured it because I love you.

At the darkest point in my life, one of my friends betrayed me. He put me into the hands of people who would mock me, spit on me, put me on trial, accuse me of crimes I didn’t commit, brutally beat me without reason, and finally, kill me. I went through it all without saying a word. I didn’t argue, I didn’t fight, I didn’t run away. I suffered because I love you.

I went through all of that so that you could have life, but not just life like you have right now. I died so that you could have eternal life. Sin is what has always stopped people from having everlasting life, but I took the sin of the world on my back. The blood that I shed washed over all the sins, so that all my people could be free from the sin that has held them captive for years. I did this because I am able to see the good in everything and everyone. I died not only for the sins of those who loved me and cared about me, but for those who killed me too. I died not only for the people living at that time, but for their children, and their children’s children. I died for everyone including you.

I know you have your problems. We all do. Over the years, people have searched in many places for solutions to their problems. Some have turned to drugs, others to religion. Some have surrounded themselves in their music, others have tried to drink their problems away. Some have turned to psychics, while others have looked to dead-end relationships. None of these things has ever answered the questions they seek. None of these has ever ridden them of their problems. In many cases, these solutions were not solutions at all, and only added to the problem.

But those who have come to me have been given peace. It is a peace, unlike any other, that goes beyond all understanding. I have given them rest for their weary souls and I am willing to take their burdens on my back if they are only willing to let go of their pressures, and give them to me.

Everything I have done for them I will gladly do for you, if only you will come to me. I don’t ask that you walk thousands of miles in the sweltering heat of the sun, across rocky terrain. It isn’t a long journey. You don’t have to change yourself or make yourself perfect. I will help you and be your friend, and I will love you, just as you are.

Once you come to me, that is when the true journey begins. I will pick up where you left off and lead you to safety. Not only will I help you pick up the pieces to your life, I will fit them together and help you realize who you were meant to be. I can show you things you’ve never seen before and I can take you beyond your wildest dreams. So often people say that they wish life were easier, that they wish there was a guide to show them where to go. I am that guide. Only instead of showing you where to go, I will take you there. I’ll always be here, ready and waiting to lead you whenever you become unable to lead yourself. I will be right beside you when the road is smooth and when it gets rough.

I know you may not be ready for me right now. But I want you to know that when you are ready, I will be there just the same as I am today. I will wait for you forever, without becoming impatient or angry. Though you may not feel important to anyone else, you are important to me. You are more important to me than anything else. Come with me, I promise you will never want or need to go back, and you will be having the time of your life. Come to me, and I promise I will be with you always, even to the end of the age. I never break my promises and I never lie. I’m am always here for you.

Your Savior and Friend,
Jesus Christ

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